Friday, July 1, 2016

Clean your machines!

When was the last time you cleaned your sewing machine??

If you can't remember when you cleaned it or sent it out for a cleaning, it's probably time for a cleaning

Now, I am not afraid to open up my machines and clean them. If I'm going to pay a good amount of money on a machine, I want to be able to open it up, see inside it, and fix it and clean it myself.

My serger was last cleaned and checked about 6 years ago in 2010 and the fact that I use it with every project I'm really surprised it hasn't crapped out yet.( actually, it's in really great shape despite it being over 10 years old- light bulb hasn't blown, I clean what I can, I change the needle, etc)

If your serger( or sewing machine) looks like this:
 or this:
 or this:

or worse, it's probably time you clean it.

go out and buy some mini vacuum attachments and start getting to work!

It will take you less than 5 minutes to get rid of all that dust and loose threads that are clogging up your machine. Make sure to wipe down the blade too for anything extra that might get caught in the way of cutting.

For those that might be wondering what fabric that purple dust is, it's that purple brocade I bought when I made my WTNV skirt. I had a lot left over and I'm trying to use it all up. I have no idea if brocades are supposed to be serged( oh well) but they shred and are the worst fabric I've every serged in my life!

Want to see a clean machine??

Look how clean that is!!

Now go rethread your machines and start finishing your projects!

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