Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Week

Thought I share some pretty cool sewing and crafting related posts that have popped up in my twitter stream over the past 100 days(yes, that's right, i just went through all of my favorite tweets and picked out the craft and sewing related ones)


Designer Shears

Iconic Pop Culture Sweaters

Throwing in my geeky side for this one: Star Trek ads in the UK

Barely There Bow Tie

You gotta have those accessories! Lego Clutch

and what better way to go back to school than with a pencil pencil case
(these are really cute and look super easy to make(now that i know the right way to put a zipper in!)

and while you're in the mood of creating things, why not take a look at this super cool spy-ish book

and now we're getting away from fashion and more into the crafty geeky side, these keychain holders are super cool

Everyone should have a bedside caddy for all the stuff that doesn't fit on their night stand, especially one that fits their laptop. There aren't instructions how to make one on the link, but a simple google search for a caddy pattern and some simple alterations for a back pocket sleeve and you should be good to go

and who doesn't want to make some paper space invaders?

For the life of me i can't do graphic design, but product design is awesome

I am all about play on words/brands, etc, especially anything Star Wars related

Feel free to share this post and comment if you have any craft or sewing related links that you would like to share!

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