Monday, April 4, 2016

WTNV (cosplay) skirt


I'm going to a live WTNV show this week. It'll be my 2nd show and (75+ podcasts later) I'm really excited!

I wanted to make a really easy skirt without a pattern for awhile now and after scouring the interwebs for an hour I found a couple sites with some pretty easy instructions. (you can check them out here and here).  I didn't want it to be overly complicated- so no zipper or fabric waistband, but I did want a lining and an elastic waistband.

I bought some YaYa Han cosplay brocade (the full cosplay line here) and some purple lining ( the online picture is a crimson- IRL it's a purple that matches the brocade) from Jo-Anns.  I already had some soft  1.5 in elastic from another project( that i haven't started yet...).

The last clothing item I made turned out really badly so since I've sewn and learned some new tricks since then, I was pretty optimistic about making this skirt. It seemed really easy while reading it online and it really was. The only "issue" I ran into was attaching the elastic and making sure it was the correct length: to the waistband length.

I bought 2 yards of the brocade and 1.5 yards of the lining. Why I bought less yardage of the lining- I don't know, but I made it work. I could have used about 1.75 yards of lining and I would have had enough fabric.

I will probably wear this skirt again after the wtnv show seeing how i spent a lot of $$$ on this fabric ( like more than I would actually spend on myself buying clothes from a dept store)....

* I am not a paid spokesperson for JoAnns or WTNV. I just really like shopping there(JoAnns) and am a big fan of WTNV

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