Friday, September 14, 2012

Doctor Who coffee cozies

After doing nothing but watch Doctor Who the other week( and Torchwood, but that's another story), I guess you could consider me a Whovian. In any case, I've been working on some Doctor Who themed coffee cozies.

I've planned 5 of each design( I'll make more if they turn out to be popular) and they are the normal cozie price of $4.50. 

** the following photos are taken with Instagram, so if the colors aren't as bright or the the picture isn't as clear, that's why**

(red bowtie on TARDIS blue)

pattern piece of the 11th Doctors Bowtie

sneak peak of the finished bowtie on blue fabric. colors are brighter - this is just a filter!

3D glasses

(white glasses on TARDIS blue) 

preview of 10 3D glasses coffee cozies

if you have a Doctor Who suggestion( maybe for 9?), leave it in the comments!

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