Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First sales in Chapel Hill

Thanks to everyone who has purchases coffee cozies in Chapel Hill!

Since I've consigned, 6 items have sold!!! I was very happy when I went to do inventory and dropped off some more goodies! Also I know 1 of the 2 handbags that I've made and brought over there have sold. The person who was working when I came in wasn't sure if the other one sold also, but we'll find out when they mail me my check!

Here's how you can find my goodies in Chapel Hill:

Taking the bus: V and NS routes go to Southern Village. Major stops to get the bus are at the Hospital and at Frat. Court on S. Columbia(you want the buses to go towards the Carolina Inn)

Driving: see previous post with map graphic( Sorry, I don't really know important road names, but you go over the James Taylor bridge.)

I dropped off some little triangular "quilted" keychains, a clutch, a set of pillowcases, an electronic case that will fit an iPod/iphone, 2 bags with 2 tissue holders in them and 4 sets of little tags(can be used on presents and stuff like that), so hopefully they will sell well, but if they don't, it's no big deal and it's not going to be the end of the world


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