Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bag for my aunt

So while I was at the beach a month ago with my extended family, my aunt requested a bag(2 actually-one for her and one for my cousin).

I sketched a rough pattern and then added some measurements a couple weeks after I got back and finally this past week I have been able to start sewing the pieces together.

This is the front and one side seen together with the seam being raw on the outside

This is all the sides sewn together(minus one obviously)

All sides sewn together

There is a fleece lining but there will be an actual cotton piece in the inside.

Cute awesome pocket on the front. There is a Velcro closer and so the button is just for show. The pocket is also lined with a darker fabric and has a thin stabilizer in-between. This pocket is not going anywhere

Bottom piece

Used all three colors of threads

Bottom pinned on and ready to be sewn

So you sew the bottom on and then you make the lining the same way(5 pieces in a box shape). I made the pieces a little longer so they can be folded down in the seam. I surged the edges and then you fit the lining in the bag, match everything up, and pin it together. You will need some strap fabric. I bought 45 inches to play with(22ish on each side). Figure out how long you want the straps, and pin them in the seams so they're proportionate to the bag.

Get whatever color top and bobbin thread you want ready and figure out where you want to sew along the edges.

I did 2 lines for stability. 1 so the edge of my pressure foot was along the edge of my fabric and so the needle was all the way to the right and 1 where the edge of the fabric was along the metal plate on my machine which happens to be about an inch away from the first line. But you can do whatever works best for you.

Cut all your threads, make sure everything looks good and viola!

You're done!


I'll try and make a PDF version of this with more technical/ easy to follow directions when Im at an actual computer.

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