Monday, April 4, 2011

coffee cozies pt3

I am a coffee cozie making machine.

My cozie pattern has so many pin holes that I am seriously considering “laminating” it with tape or maybe getting it literally laminated.

But for reelz, check out my facebook album for photos of the ones that are done. More pictures are scheduled to be put online of the rest of my stash but they need buttons and I don’t like showing a non finished product. There are only a couple for sale on etsy but if you are interested in buying some: facebook comment/ message me, email me, etsy message me. I’m online all the time and am always checking comments and my email so theres no reason for me not to get back in contact with you.

If you're interested in purchasing more than 15-20 cozies at a time, email me and we can talk over a discounted price.

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  1. Love these cozies!! Very creative, and useful! Ingenious!


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