Friday, March 18, 2011

creatures: big and small

Enter stage left: Milo and the Gang

Last summer, I made this little creature and I named him Milo.

 Milo had to have a younger sister and I named her Lora(pronounced like the name “laura”).

Milo and Lora had to have some friends to play with and so I created: Harold, Suze, Joey and Keli.  Milo and Lora have a new home but the rest are waiting to be adopted

Enter stage right: Owl
Have you ever gone through a stage, or maybe more than one, where you, or a group of friends, become completely obsessed about one thing? I remember in middle school everyone seemed to be obsessed with monkeys. It was weird. Recently, I’ve been going on etsy and searching for “owls”. Any result is fine but the ones I seem more attracted to are the retro looking owls.

I got creative one day and completely out of the blue i sketched out a little owl creature in my drawing pad and then took up one  whole page and created a pattern. Every part of this little owl guy is made out of scrap fabric. The fabric that has owls on it are supposed to be his little wings and that pink triangle is supposed to be his beak, but i guess it kinda looks like a mouth. I got creative and added the little "scale" things on his back, sort of dragon like. But since this it totally something that I made up, it can be anything that I want it to be.

so yeah,
the small first 4 little creatures are $3 each or 2 for $5 and my little owl(who isn't little but like the size of a small pillow) is $10

EDIT: all these creatures have been sold

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