Tuesday, March 1, 2011

coffee cozies

definition of "coffee" and "cozy" from urbandictionary

coffee: the best drink ever, drug used by hackers and students

cozy: warm, snug and comfortable

so why not make something that combines the two but you supply the coffee?

enter Coffee Cozie. Cute, little buttoned fabric that goes around your coffee cup so you don't burn your hands and you can be fashionable, chic and smart, (don't know if guys want to be chic ?) all at the same time.

These are made out of regular, pre-washed cotton fabric, quilt batting and a button (thread obvisously). They run $4.50 or 4 for $15. They make great gifts for yourself and your coffee loving friends.

the pattern. very fancy

cut out of a cozie with some seam allowance

quilt batting cut from same pattern

stack of cozies ready to be sewn together

first 5 cozies made!

 You can find these and other cozies on facebook or etsy. If you're interested in buying any, please contact me via facebook or email

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