Sunday, March 20, 2016

my back log of projects!

I've been able to work on my backlog of projects recently! I'm almost caught up!

Here's what I've finished in the past couple months that I have pictures of:

The Walking Dead blanket

Used 3 different prints of TWD fleece available at JoAnn fabrics. Each panel is tied together and then the back(solid red) is tied to the front. Blanket measures 2.5 yards. The middle panel is 1 yard and then the top and bottom panel are each .75 yards. Lots of cutting and tying!
(My family are really big TWD fans! Made this for my dad)

Disney center piece and pot holders

These were a birthday gift to one of my Disney friends. The smaller pot holders are made with 2 layers of just regular quilt batting while the center piece uses one. All three items are quilted both ways diagonally and then finished with double fold bias tape.

"Meghan" embroidery hoop

Met up with some extended family for pancakes this past Saturday and celebrated my younger cousins birthday! I used my embroidery machine( I have an embroidery machine now!!) for the name then just a plain sewing machine to add all the buttons! The back is finished off with felt that is blanket stitched on with a ribbon at the top to hang on a wall.

Other projects:
As I just mentioned I recently bought a trade-in embroidery machine. I have been wanting one for some time now and the opportunity presented itself with a reasonable price tag. One of the first projects I made on was a zippered pouch for my sister. It's a simple 2 sided pouch with a felt lining(with seams hidden), a zipper, and 2 tabs on the side below the zipper seam ( one has a key ring for a... keychain? or whatever). Each side has a small embroidery on it.

I was also able to finish a patriotic table mat/center piece( sensing a theme?) which is quilted both ways diagonally and finished off with white double folded bias tape.

I'm working on one other project that's going to be a gift for another family member. I am so close to completing it! But when I'm not working on that I'm making things out of the tons of scraps I have. Like seriously, if you want some scrap fabric( big use-able pieces), let me know and they're yours! I don't have room to keep all these pieces!  But on the other hand, if you know of any projects that require scrap pieces, put  a link in the comment section- I'm always looking around for things to make.

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