care instructions

Pillow Cases:

They can be washed in a regular wash cycle and can be dried in a dryer. They can also be dried outside.

Don't use bleach!

Quilted Placemats:

Spot Clean

Don't use bleach!

Life Hack: purchase clear plastic from your fabric store about the size of your table cloth/larger than your table. Make up your table with whatever table cloth you want( or not) and then put down the placemats. Last step would be putting the clear plastic on top of everything. This way, you have an easy clean up and it something spills, you don't have to worry about ruining your placemats and table cloth!

Heat Packs:

Spot clean with water. Don't use bleach! Make sure rice bag is fully dry before you microwave it!


Spot clean with water. Don't use bleach!

Hand bags and clutches:

Spot clean with water. Ironing is acceptable for really wrinkly areas. Don't use bleach!


Spot clean with water. Don't use bleach!

All the fabric I use is prewashed and ironed before I use it in a project. Minor shrinkage might possibly occur in your pillowcases. If anything shrinks more than 5 inches and completely misshapes into a ball of nothingness(and let's be real, don't go throwing things into the washer and dryer to see if it'll shrink), I'll make you another item.